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Before Nervous Tonic
"I just wanted to show you the difference in performance before and after Nervous Tonic. Jiffy has 2 mins to find 8 rats. This video is before Nervous Tonic.  It was thundering at the Trial and I was not able to get a dose in him before he went. He barely found 6 rats and tried to hide in the tunnel. Two doses 20 mins apart and in the next class he beat the best time by the best dog in the country. That dog’s time was 58 secs. Jif did it in 43.25 secs That was unbelievable."

After Nervous Tonic -This is Jiffy 30 mins later after 1 dose of NT. His ‘ Super Bonus’ is that he did it in less than 1.30. min.


"Unbelievable Nervous Tonic! My Border Collie wouldn’t go outside...time for 'The Tonic'. He wouldn’t eat and tried to hide. I coaxed him on the couch and he fell asleep....through 30 minutes of gunshots from my neighbors. Oh my Gosh, I can’t believe it. One time he opened his eyes, acknowledged the gunshots and went back to sleep. AMAZING. It was only 15-20 mins from dosing that it took effect. ...I can’t believe it.

Wow....Thank you so much."

"And above is a video of Jiffy doing barn hunt. At 2 mins 4 sec.....he perceives a rumble outside....and yes a storm came 40 mins later.
Look at his body language....he was done and heading to bust out of the gate to hide.  He won the class just because he found all the rats so quick and before the rumble.  Can you imagine him with lightning/ fireworks / gunshots?
That is why I am ecstatic!"

Thank you so much.
Linda F.

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