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Cleo came to us on August 5, 2006, at the approximate age of 4 1/2 years old, as a result of being dumped at a trailhead.  She found my husband and me hiking at the trailhead. 

Hungry, dehydrated, and limping, we offered her water immediately, and then she refused to let us out of her sight.  We took her in the car, bought her some dog food (refused), followed by a cheeseburger (HUGE hit), and took her home, hoping that no one would claim her.  My husband contacted 5 different county dog wardens, and fortunately, no one claimed her.  Despite the fact that we had 7 different people who wanted to take her, she immediately bonded with us and we were not about to break that bond.  

Cleo had what was originally believed to be a chronic UTI.  After weeks on antibiotics and still no resolution, an ultrasound was performed, and Cleo was diagnosed with bladder cancer. After communicating with Ruth, I decided to go with a combination of the Bladder Cancer Support and the Maritime Pine Bark, starting Cleo on them on July 31st.  Since that time, Cleo has continued to have a generally very good appetite, and continues to be happy and full of life.  We are doing everything we can to enable her to remain on this course for as long as possible.


Joan T. Muellerleile


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