How Wedgewood lived to the wonderful age of 16, despite having setbacks of cruciate problems, early onset of Arthritis and Liver disease - McDowell's Herbal Treatments

We would like to thank McDowell Herbal Treatments for the advice and support they have given us in caring for our dogs over many years.

I especially, would like to share Wedgwood’s story.  Wedgwood tore both his cruciate ligaments at a young age.  We first began using McDowell herbs to assist with healing after his second cruciate repair surgery.  We could not believe how much faster this leg healed compared to the first leg.

Our vet warned us that we would have to manage chronic arthritis after both surgeries and that Wedgwood would probably have to be on NSAID’s from early on.  We opted to try McDowell’s anti-inflammatory mix, this helped keep Wedgwood mobile for many years.  In fact, it was not until the last year of his life that we had to use NSAID’s.

At 13 years of age Wedgwood also developed serious liver issues.  Our vet was not sure how long his liver would hold out.  Again, we sort advice from McDowell’s.  They made a special liver support mix for Wedgwood.  Wedgwood lived for another 3 years after this, almost making this 16th birthday. Up until the very last week of his life he still looked for his 2 walks a day.  In the end, it was not his liver that failed him.  Our vet was amazed at how long Wedgwood lived and how well he kept, despite the issues he had.

Thank-you McDowell Herbal Treatments.
Linda and Alan Walsh

PS – This is a photo of Wedgwood taken only a few months before he died

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