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Duke is a 14 Years old, large yellow labrador. My sister, Paula, got him when he was a year old from a dog rescue she volunteered at in Colorado.

Two years ago in June, Duke started limping and acting listless.  Up to that point in time, he had always had tons of energy.

Paula took him to the vet and after some testing, the vet said he had bone cancer – Osteosarcoma in his left leg.

The vet said there were two options:

1) He could amputate his leg, but he didn’t think he could support his weight on three legs. 

2) Chemotherapy and when the pain got to be unbearable, put him down.

When Paula called me she was unconsolable. Duke is her entire life.  I told her I would do some research to see if there was anything on the net that might help. I prayed and asked God for guidance to help Duke.  I think I googled 'Dog Osteosarcoma' and The McDowell Herbal website was the first that came up on the list.


We discussed Dukes situation and decided on the Osteosarcoma Program - Osteosarcoma Support Mix, Maritime Pine Bark Extract, Conditioning mix and Colloidal silver. 

Your team is very supportive and I know I can call anytime for your help.

Duke started taking the program. He started acting more energetic almost immediately! 

Within a few weeks he was jumping on her bed again and acting like his puppy self.  He also had some tumors but they have reduced greatly.

The same vet who diagnosed Duke with Osteosarcama two years ago gave him his shots a few weeks ago and couldn’t believe he was still alive - let alone so healthy.

Duke’s been taking the herbal tonics and Collodial Silver without a break for two years this month.  He acts just like a puppy every day.

Your herbs are a miracle…….thank you for giving Paula more quality time with Duke.

Linda Church


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