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Thirteen years ago I had the most wonderful opportunity to be introduced to Robert McDowell and his wife Catherine at McDowell's Herbals in Australia.

Because of this ongoing relationship for these years, many animals and people's lives have been saved and/or lengthened.

I do Sheltie Rescue in Alabama, Kentucky and West Virginia....and have taken in many a Sheltie in need of life saving herbs....this was so with our precious Sultane, an 8 year old oversize Sheltie whose owners passed away and the family couldn't keep her.

For years she had been treated my two different vets with steroids because they thought she had allergies.

All that time she had Cushings Disease. By the time we took her into our rescue and was finally diagnosed correctly she was in the end stages and our vet said her life was waning.

She spent the time in our long term foster care home run by Ms. Wanda Mabry who only takes the ones that can no longer be adopted or are terminally ill. Of course, whenever someone says to me that there is nothing we can do, I just run head on and do everything within my power to elongate those words.

We put her on the chemo drugs at about 1-1/2 pills a week, and thanks to my friends and support team at McDowell's we supported her system with Cushings Mix, and Conditioning Formula, especially made for her....put her on a low fat no grain diet with yogurt and veggies and In Pet Supplements and elongated her life to almost 3 years over what time she was given.

Sultane was a beautiful sable and white girl...we miss her so...and always will.

This is Sultane laying on the vet floor with no hair on her backside and thinning hair.

The other photo is Sultane with lots of hair and life just before she succumbed to Cushing.


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