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Michelle contacted me in December of 2013 with the following enquiry. I have just received this wonderful report, and pictures of her beautiful Jack.

Michelle is delighted (as is Jack) with his progress.

It's always interesting to see how these clients come to me, so in looking back over our correspondence, you get a feel for how I approached Jacks Cruciate problem.


January 2014:

"Hi Cath,

Just wanted to let you know Jack went in to be desexed Friday and have his knee assessed. Fantastic news, his knee shows no sign of ligament laxity!

We're so relieved! Jack has really transformed too, he seems much more agile and happy now.

Thanks so much for everything!



December 2013

"Hi There

You come highly recommended from my Aunt for the work you've done on horses and dogs and I'm really hoping you can help.

We bought a 6 1/2 month cocker spaniel two weeks ago, he had terrible yeast in his ears and developed a limp within 4days of having him (we thought from scratching). Not related as we found out from our vet who diagnosed him with a torn cruciate ligament.

The vet has put him on anti- inflammatory Previcox, with the intention of reviewing the tear in 3 weeks -likely to operate. We've been restricting his movement to a training pen and a short walk in the morning, avoiding stairs, running and jumping (although sometimes he defies us with the last two) but not been following the extreme crate method as the breeder recommended (we tried for 2 days and as he got better he started going nuts).

We've noticed an improvement - but understand any pain would be masked by the medication; he has two more days of the tablets to go.

We're desperate to avoid surgery, not due to the expense but it just seems so extreme plus with the post op process and life long impact we want to try anything else first.

Would really appreciate your suggestions"


My Reply

Dear Michelle,

We have a lot of success with our bone healing and anti inflammatory treatments for this condition,, so it would be advisable to start here and do surgery as a last resort..

Its critical to also feed rushed Millet and crushed Linseed as part of the program below for optimum ligament health,

Bone Healing mix ( $68.00 100mls 12 weeks supply) http://treatments/for-dogs/768-bone-healing-bone-maturity-mix

This mix is for broken, bruised or cracked bones and also to assist in the process of maturity in the bones and ligaments of growing puppies or dogs from a line susceptible to congenital structural weakness.

It contains herbs high in silica which is the essential metabolic partner with calcium for strong bone growth. Other herbs support the bone marrow and the production of new healthy and elastic bone material in dogs subject to high workloads, as in the case of Racing Greyhounds.

The herbs included in this mix include: Elecampane, Yarrow, Rosehips and Equisetum as well as the Bach Flowers Oak and Rescue Remedy.

This treatment is therefore recommended to facilitate maturity in young dogs, to assist the big breeds susceptible to hip dysplasia for example in avoiding this condition, for all cases of injury or breaks, and also for the recovery following surgery or bone cancer treatments.

Anti Inflammatory Healer ( $68.00 100mls 12 weeks supply) http://prescription-shop/dog-prescriptions/product/740-anti-inflammatory

My Anti-Inflammatory formulation contains Devils Claw, White Willow, Guaiacum, Burdock, Pine Bark, Elecampane, Yarrow and Rosehips as well as the Bach Flower remedies Honeysuckle, Vine, Walnut and Rescue Remedy.

I find this combination very useful and safe in replacing, fully or partially, dependence on pharmaceutical anti-inflammatory and pain killing drugs.

Once benefits are achieved through the use of this treatment and dependence in pharmaceutical anti-inflammatory is reduced, I recommend a follow-up consultation during which I will investigate the underlying causes of your dog's condition. I will then be able to make suggestions and formulate more specific treatments if necessary to further improve your dog's long term prospects and quality of life.

I hope that this is helpful, and please contact me if you need further advice. I do like to track the progress of my patients, so please keep me up to date.

jack1 jack2 jack3

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