Aspen Get's Four More Years in spite of her Anal Gland Cancer. - McDowell's Herbal Treatments

AspenAspen , our darling poodle recently passed away. (1996-2011). (Front of the photo).

However, thanks to Robert McDowell's Herbal Treatments and our caring committed vets we feel she lived four years longer than than anyone  could have predicted.  She was 11 years 'young' when diagnosed with the anal gland cancer.  Just before surgery they called with two pieces of information. The operation will cost $4,000 and most dogs only live 90 days after surgery. We said we appreciated his input and told him our dog did not have an expiration date on her and that he should therefore, proceed.  Aspen quickly recovered from her surgery and we started her on the Herbal Program straight away.  We gave her Maritime Pine Bark and Anal Gland Cancer drops and later on, support for her lungs with Breath Well Tonic and a Nerve Support.

We had our vet monitor Aspen every three months with complete blood workups and exams. She took her Herbal Drops, without complaint for four more wonderful years.  Thank you all for being part of continuing her good health , right up until the end. 

Best regards, Margaret and Ray Miller.

Annapolis, Maryland, USA

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