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I just wanted to thank you again for your amazing support and concern. I am so impressed with your company, your team and especially your personal compassion. When my vet initially diagnosed my precious Sofi with Hemangiosarcoma after finding a large mass on her spleen, I was devasted. The vet performed a splenectomy the following day and removed a 7.8 pound tumor. I thankfully chose to have a biopsy done to confirm her initial diagnosis. I immediately started researching the internet for alternative treatments for her condition (since mainstream medicine offered no long-term hope) and came upon your website. My husband and I were both surprised to get a phone call from you right away following my initial email (since you are half way around the world). It was obvious to us from your follow-up emails, offering other things we needed to do to support her recovery, that your concern went well beyond just selling products (not to mention the fact that your products are very affordable).

Fortunately, I was blessed with a miracle and Sofi's biopsy results indicated she did NOT have cancer! This large tumor turned out to be a giant pocket of blood which, had it ruptured, would have taken her life instantly. My vet has suggested I might want to keep the Hemangiosarcome Support Mix and the Maritime Pine Bark we purchased just in case either of them would develope this dreadful disease, since it is common in shepherds. I can tell you this - I will be recommending your group to anyone I know having health challenges with their beloved pets. You all have been just wonderful! Thank you so much for everything and bless you all for caring so much for God's creatures (great and small)!

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