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5 years ago our 5 year old Maltese (now 9 years old, going for 10) was diagnosed with Cushings disease after a blood run and tests for Cushings. It was later changed to Atypical Cushings disease.

She showed no clinical signs of the disease, but the recommendations were Lysodren a rather harsh Chemo therapy.

We contacted Robert McDowell and his exact words were, "Don't let them cut her or medicate her, let us do our herbal treatments, the Cushings Support and Conditioning regimen"

He had some dietary recommendations raw meats and what the Wysong diet regimen that is basically a natural approach. In addition, the Vet recommended lignans and Melatonin where instead of going for the implants they recommend, we opted for 3-3 mgs of melatonin wrapped in a little turkey, spread out during the day as there was a definite hormone imbalance. The Melatonin quieted her down considerably as she was very wired up from a puppy on.

Between the McDowell program and aforementioned program of the Wysong diet, Lignans and Melatonin Kristina shows zero signs of Cushings disease.

We would like to add the excellent service we have received from your concern over the past 5 years and the extra precautions that have been taken in the shipping of the glass containers.

Picture of Kristina attached and thank you in particular George for your prompt service and kind remarks.


Bob Martino
Hollywood Floridachrisclose

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