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Polly, my beloved Cocker Spaniel was diagnosed with congestive heart failure in 2003. Convential medication was used until Polly began coughing, the telltale sign of progressing heart failure when fluid begins to accumulate in the lungs. Polly was the most kind hearted and selfless animal I have ever encountered. I loved her much like someone loves a sibling or a child. She was truly my best friend. When Polly began to cough I sought further help wanting to do anything I could possibly do to help her.

Polly3 I contacted Robert McDowell in 2004 and began treating her with heart tonic and lung capacity as advised. The results were amazing. For the next five years Polly stopped coughing, she was alert and the joy she brought with her wherever she went never diminished. In September 2008, just a few months after her 16th birthday, Polly went downhill overnight and passed away. Nothing will ever fill the void I have since I lost Polly. Having seen other dogs with similar conditions working in veterinary medicine, I have never seen anything work like the herbal tonics that I purchased from Robert. I would strongly recommend his products to anyone seeking to help a loved and valued member of their family. I cannot thank him enough for giving me the much needed time with my best friend enabling her to never lose her quality of life, and I am forever grateful.


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