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cindy_lymphomaMy big dog Cindy ( Mastiff X ) was diagnosed with Canine Lymphoma just after an annual check-up. All we had was a small lump in the cheek bone which I decided to have it biopsied and it came back as malignant lymphoma sarcoma. She was 8 years old at the time and living a very active life. She did not have any signs and symptoms of anything being wrong.

My initial reaction was not shock but sadness that she will only have 4-8 weeks to live, although we all know as pet owners that most of our beloved doggy pals will leave us at some stage in our lives. 4-8 weeks is such a short time, and I, at the time wanted to do anything I could to prolong her life.

I seriously considered chemotherapy but luckily was talking to a friend whose dog had had osteosarcoma and she put me onto the McDowells Herbal website. I spent a lot of time looking at his site and came to the conclusion that in order for Cindy to fight her cancer, her immune system has to be as healthy as possible, and not depleted. I easily discarded the option of chemo and started her on the herbal treaments alone, accepting the fact that she might end up leaving us sooner than if she had chemo but as least the herbal stuff could not make her worse.

I could honestly tell all of you who is reading this that I have no regrets in the decision I have made for my beloved friend....

She stayed very active and healthy for 8.5 months after diagnosis and the vets were all very amazed at her survival because she was a big dog. She chased rabbits in the woods and went to dog beaches and swam and also had a very, very healthy appetite! Sadly at the end that day finally came, we had to put her to sleep because she became completely paralysed in the hindlegs, and that only happened in one day.

Cindy did not suffer one bit throughout her entire 8.5 months, it was only in her last day that she was in pain. It was always going to be sad when you lost a true friend, but I found comfort in knowing that the decisions I have made for her were in her best interest. We cannot explain to dogs that they have terminal illness that will end their lives and I am glad that I did not subject her to further stress, which will not alter the eventual outcome anyway.

The herbal treatments were certainly a great help.

I still have 4 dogs at the moment and they are all on the McDowells Maritime Pine Bark and their reccomended natural diet.

Thank you McDowells and the most helpful staff at your office in helping me make an important decision and enjoy the extra time I had with Cindy.

Debbie Kung
Sydney, Australia

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