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Modie is a 10 year old Chocolate Lab that we have had since he was a puppy.

Modie developed a lot of fatty lumps and this year we had four large lumps removed. Prior to his surgery he seemed to be losing a lot of hair. He recovered great from a 4 hour surgery and it was then determined he had a thyroid problem and needed medication.

Once he was on the correct medication his coat came back and he seemed to have much more energy. Then we noticed a lump on the top of his head over his right eye. It was determined to be osteocarcoma and they couldn't do anything with it because of the location.

We were devastated and crushed with this news. We were not willing to give up on what we refer to as our son. I found your web page and immediately started applying the information. He is on the B.A.R.F. diet and certainly eats better than we do. He takes the maritime pine bark extract and Osteosarcoma support mix. He loves getting the medicine. Modie was diagnosed in March 2005. We try not to remember the day as they told us that he probably would not make it more than 3-4 months. His diet is mainly carrots, green beans, snow peas, broccoli and brown rice with flax seed mixed in. We also give him raw meat 3 times a week or more. Each day he gets a raw meaty bone from the butcher.

He seems to be doing great. Has lots of energy, still eating, although goes on an anti broccoli kick once in awhile. It is difficult to tell if the lump has grown or if it is just easier to see because he is much leaner than he was before. It effects the muscles of his eye, causing it to bounce a little when he chews, but other than that, you would not know there is anything wrong. We are continuing to use the herbal treatment to make whatever time he has remaining, as comfortable as we can. His quality of life is very important to us.

It's a heartbreaking experience as he has been the most comical, human like dog we have had. He has a great personality that people are immediately drawn to. We have received so much support from so many people. Many doggie prayers are being said for him. We are appreciative of this web page and the treatment it suggests.

Robert McDowell has been very responsive with any questions we have had. We really feel like he cares, even though he doesn't know our dog and we are thousands of miles away. We are hopeful it will keep Modie with us longer and that Modie will feel comfortable and as healthy as he can be.

Dana and Michele Burrell

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