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"Klay is a three year old Border Collie who plays the game of Flyball. As this is a high performance sport and one that is very demanding on the dogs, I ensure that Klay is at his optimum fitness. 

Every year of his life, Klay has come down with Kennel Cough. The first year was only a mild case, however, when he was two he developed severe bronchitis, which put him out of action for quite a while. Last year Klay yet again developed Kennel Cough though this time he ended up with pneumonia. This was a very terrifying experience for me, the thought of part of Klay’s lungs dying due to what is normally the equivalent of the common cold in humans was just devastating.

After his third course of antibiotics and a chest x-ray, I decided to go onto an American chat line for Flyball to see if others had the same experience. One of the members emailed me privately with a web site address for McDowells Herbal in Australia. I checked it out and was immediately impressed with what I read and also with the response I received from the team. I ordered the Kennel Cough mixture and within a week Klay had improved dramatically. If I had known about this product earlier, Klay would not have had to endure three months of no exercise - can you imagine a Border Collie at the end of this?!

Kennel Cough is going around yet again, and he has shown signs of it, however, it is so mild, he has only coughed approximately five times and is still quite happy within himself, so I have put Klay back on the mixture . I am just so relieved, this is such a dramatic improvement on the last two times I had encountered it, and next time I will have him on it when I “hear” of it going around.

Thank you for taking the time to respond to my initial query, and for giving me a natural aid to help him get through this with as little impact on his body as possible.

Penny Lloyd"

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