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Tippy's Story

When Tippy was one year old, I had her tested for allergies after she had several ear infections. The test showed that she was allergic to chicken, turkey, wheat, eggs and kelp. The environmental allergy list is very extensive-orchard, redtop, timothy grasses, numerous weeds, aspen, maple and oak trees, numerous fungi, mixed feathers, cotton and malassezia.
I put Tippy on a raw food diet from Healthy Paws of Beef/Organ meats, fruit, veggies and bones. Her vet at the time recommended a course of allergy shots which I was not in favor of. So we went to see a holistic vet in town. Tippy went through several different remedies over the next two years and I changed the meat in her diet to lamb.
The vet says there is nothing more they can do for her. Tippy was itchy and smellier than ever. She chewed, licked and scratched every part of her body that she could reach. She had no hair in her paws, her belly was very bald, she scratched until she bled from her chin, etc.

Treatment from McDowells Herbal

All this was before McDowell's Herbal treatments. Tippy was started on McDowell's Herbal Canine Skin Allergy-Irritation Acute and Skin Problems Blood Cleanser in October. In November Tippy developed severe ear infections and the Blood Cleanser was changed to a Blood Poisoning Treatment. By February she had made huge progress and was only scratching a little bit. It was smooth sailing from then on.

Another challenge

In December 2008 she started vomiting, the next day she had bloody loose stools. The vet gave us 2 prescriptions one to coat her stomach and the other was antibiotics. The next day she was not interested in food or special treats. Tippy was showing signs of being dehydrated. So we took her to the Emergency Vet Clinic and she was put on IV fluids. Tippy bounced back with fluids and antibiotics and was able to come home the next day.
Because Tippy had been without her Skin Allergy and Blood Poisoning Medication for several days, their absence was noticed. First she started to smell like a dirty dog. And then the itching and licking started again, all over her body. You don't know how good the herbal remedies are until they are removed! We seem to be back on track with food (raw) and herbal remedies.

Follow up

Tippy is now a beautiful 5 year old golden retriever who has been on McDowell's remedies since. We get many compliments on how her fur looks. Nobody believes that she is a dog with allergies.

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