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PresleeIt was one of the worst days of my life and certainly, without a doubt, the worst day for Preslee, my miniature dachshund.

It was a beautiful Sunday afternoon, so both my doxies ran out into the yard, PiggieLee first and Preslee close behind. When they got to the middle of the yard, Preslee stopped, sat down, and wouldn't move. I could tell she was in distress; as I picked her up, she cried. The rest of the day she lay in a chair and didn't move. I couldn't coax her off that chair. By the next morning, she was completely paralyzed in her back legs.

At my vet's I was given some sobering news, that she had no "deep pain" feeling in her back legs and without that they would not refer her for surgery.

Matter of fact, they didn't know of any teaching vet schools that would accept her without a vet's referral. Our options were limited on how to handle this matter. They at first thought it was so serious that I may have to make a decision about euthanasia. But I knew I couldn't allow that. So Option 2 was a "timed release" steroid/pain medication, which would stay in her body for two weeks. After that, I would re-evaluate the situation.

It was after this that my sister, Beverly, told me about Robert McDowell in Australia and his spinal injury herbal mix especially for animals like Preslee. Well, I asked my vet what she thought, and she had not heard of Mr. McDowell. I decided to proceed with the herbal mix. A dab of cream cheese or peanut butter was put on a small plate, then the drops on top of that. Of course to get to the "treat", Preslee had to lick through the herbal mix. Even giving the mix to her several times a day, it lasted for months and months.

You should see Preslee now. She's a little weak on her right back leg, but she doesn't favor it. She is a long-haired red bullet running in the back yard! She keeps up with PiggieLee and my new little doxie, Dixie.

You can see by this picture how wonderful and gorgeous she is. I tell everyone about The McDowell Mix, and I thank God every day for allowing me to find him.

As a Christian Prayer warrior, before I did anything with Preslee, I took the situation to the Lord. I know that He raises up vets, herbalists, praying friends, etc. God loves me; anything that touches those that I love or impacts my life is important to Him.
He led me to Robert McDowell for Preslee's healing.

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