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"Dear McDowells Herbal Treatments,

We vaccinate our dogs however, I do not have them vaccinated against kennel cough due to the fact that 2 of our dogs are maremma sheepdogs and do not leave the property. Unfortunately a young Staffordshire pup that was staying with us at the time contracted kennel cough and it went through the other 3 dogs very quickly.

I immediately browsed through your website and ordered the Kennel Cough Mixture and within 4-6 weeks all 4 dogs overcame the disorder. The first to recoup was Bo, the little Staffy, then Otto, my young German Shepherd. The maremmas were the last to recoup but all the dogs were well over it within 6 weeks.

The biggest issue I thought I would have was to actually give the maremmas the tonic but I placed it in their food and they love their food so we had no dramas on that front either.

I can honestly recommend the Kennel Cough Tonic. As a matter of fact , I purchased some and sent it to a friend in the US and she will be purchasing more of it to keep on hand!

All Are Well Now After Kennel Cough Mix.

Thank you for the wonderful herbs. You promote a healthy and alternative approach for dealing with illness in both animals and humans.


Maria Webb

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