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"Sneakers, a mixed terrier, developed a cataract in his left eye between the ages of 10 and 12. I did nothing about it because the right eye was fine. Suddenly, a cataract began to grow rapidly in the good eye. By this time, Sneakers was nearly 13, too old for surgery/general anesthetic.

I learned of McDowells through a friend who is a homeopath. I contacted McDowells to ask if anything could be done to retard the growth of the second cataract. They recommended their herbal eye wash. I mixed it with colloidal silver and began spraying Sneakers' eye three times a day (10 to 15 sprays each time).

Four months later, the cataract appeared to have slowed down its growth and was less opaque than it had been. Grateful for extra months of sight, I thanked McDowells, placed Sneakers on a maintenance dose twice a day (15 sprays each), and waited for inevitable blindness.

Sneakers is now nearly 14 years old. He can still see sufficiently to enjoy the long walks and explorations he has always loved. The cataract appears to have stopped growing, or at least, it is growing very slowly. The herbal Eye Wash is inexpensive (I have only purchased one bottle, which will probably last another two years, and I make my own silver), the dog has been spared a surgery that would likely have killed him, the quality of life is excellent, and this is the best time of our lives together.

Great thanks to McDowells and their staff."

Johanna Bernstein
Danville, California

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