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September 4th

"My dog has had kennel cough for 3 months now and is now on his 6th set of antibiotics. I saw your medication for kennel cough and wanted to know if you still sell it."

September 5th

"Yes, we do still make the herbal Kennel Cough Formula and have an ever-increasing market around the world.
Six courses of antibiotics is ridiculous and very detrimental to your dogs health.

Your dog will have by now the antibiotic resistant forms of the original bacterial infection and this is dangerous for the total future health of your dog.

I would recommend using the Kennel Cough Mix perhaps alongside a course of Colloidal Silver to get on top of things during the current attack and then follow through as we rebuild your dogs immunity.

You should also let your dog bury the odd bone to let it ripen to allow a natural healthy gut flora to re-establish itself as the gut flora would have been decimated by the anti-biotic treatment.

September 21st

"As an estimate, how long should it take before we see a difference in a 12lb do?  He finished his last set of antibiotics a week ago and there still was no difference in his breathing.

I have been giving him Echinacea and Golden Seal to help with his lungs but I can't tell if it is doing him any good. Should I continue to give him those also once your medicine arrives?

September 21st

"You should continue with the Echinacea and Golden Seal until you start on the Kennel Cough formula and then you won't need to give them any more. I would expect to see the beginnings of improvement, even in a dog with the history you describe, within the first 10 days on the mixture. Definite improvement will be noticeable to everyone within 3 weeks.

You will need to continue the treatment for a total or around 3 months to completely rebuild his immunity after his prolonged battle.

I look forward to your progress reports."

September 30th

"I received your Kennel Cough medicine September 9th and have been administering it regularly since. I have noticed a huge difference in Que to the point where there are no symptoms except right after he has been given the medicine.

Is this normal for him to choke up a little due to the taste of vinegar since anything with Vinegar in it is hard to take?
Also, since he shows no symptoms except at this point, do you think I should still keep him isolated from the other dogs?

October 3rd

I use the vinegar to extract the herbal ingredients into both because it is a natural and simple medium and because it has benefits in its own right in fighting infection and restoring the health of mucus membranes and gut flora.

The coughing after taking the mix will be a combination of a reaction to the vinegar itself and a clearing sort of action. It is probably a good idea to dilute the mix in water before giving it to him. This coughing is not dangerous to other dogs and Que no longer needs to be isolated.

October 8th

He still has a certain sound when he is extending himself (mainly when he jumps at us in excitement when we come into the bedroom he has been confined to).

The raspy sound in his breathing has been around since he first started with the infection in May. Is it possible that since this is been going on so long that it has made this sound permanent?

Also I bought a bottle of colloidal silver supplement and have been giving this to him once a day. Should I be administering this more often? I think our dogs are putting us through training before we decide to have children...

October 8th

You are doing fine Kristin! If you are giving silver, then two doses per day is better.

No permanent damages occurs through coughing, except perhaps in those individuals with severe smokers coughs over 20 years or more. Good training for kids indeed!

October 18th

I owe you the biggest thanks!!!

Que has been taking your medicine for 3 weeks and is all better!!

I cannot tell you how thankful I am.

It is amazing that after 6 sets of antibiotics and 4 months of confinement your medicine cured him in 3 weeks. I will be sure to tell everyone I know about your miracles in a bottle! I have had him out of his room for almost a week and he is like a new dog!

Thank you so much!

October 18th

Thanks for the thanks. What you have experienced really is simply the power of simple safe natural substances to restore your dog's own ability to fight infections for himself.

This approach has been almost completely lost in a world of drug companies, and disempowered Vets.

The drug companies are only interested in promoting drugs for illnesses, which they can patent and make money off. The Vets, although highly trained, are educated to believe that the only way to deal with illness is the drug company way.

The result is an increasingly expensive and, in many cases woefully inefficient service, to us the general public who foot the bill and our animals, whose health is getting worse and worse because of these same financial interests.

With your permission, I should like to put up a sketch of your experience on the website to show others caught on the antibiotic merry-go-round how easy it can be.

For Que, as I said in an earlier mail, please continue the treatment for 6 weeks and his immunity will be back to 100%, as nature intended.

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