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I cannot believe what happened!

On Saturday July 17 I took my dog, Ben, back to the Vet because his cough just would not get better. I had already ordered your mixture but it had yet to arrive.

The Vet was so ambiguous about Ben's cough, he said it is very hard to treat bronchitis without knowing the cause. He put Ben back on antibiotics and a bronchiodialater. I left his office feeling very apprehensive. I did not feel comfortable about the drugs and he did not offer much encouragement with regard to a cure.

I came home and your kennel cough mixture was in my mail box. I decided to give it to Ben for two weeks and if I saw no improvement I would follow through with the conventional medications. I gave Ben his first dose on Sat. afternoon and another dose at 7:00am this morning. He is back to the dog I know! He is running and playing with our other dog, barking, going up and down the stairs without coughing. He is symptom free!

I can not believe this has happened so quickly. I am so sorry I live so far from you, I would like to thank you with a big hug. It means so much to me to have Ben back. How long should I keep Ben on the mixture? I know you asked me to write and tell you how he was doing after he was on the mixture for four weeks. Who would have thought one day on your treatment would make this much difference. How can I thank you? Words just don't seem like enough. Thank you so very, very much.

Elizabeth Alexander

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