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"My cat, Kit, was rescued from the road about three years ago. He thinks he is a dog because those are his playmates. He is a completely indoor cat as I do have a dog that kills cats and we almost lost Kit when he was still little.....but he pulled through, so i made him a housecat.

He is tiger striped and basically a healthy cat. Once I gave him vaccines as a kitten, the only vaccine he gets now is Rabies (which is mandated by the state). He eats a very high quality no grain kibble, which he loves, with seameal, some veggies and a supplement, plus digestive enzymes.

I thought Kit was lonely so when I rescued another cat from the woods, which was only a few weeks old, and a female, I thought they would get along....and they do....they romp and play in their upstairs abode with all the plants and toys they need.

Recently, I heard Kit coughing as if he had asthma and I had heard that indoor animals do get a cough from the environment indoors. I opened the windows a little as it is winter here so they could have fresh air. The cough continued and i thought, maybe i should take him to the vet,....

But before I did this, I thought, what about McDowells's Kennel Cough remedy. It worked on the dogs, maybe it works on cats too....Sure enough 2cc in the cats food once a day for seven days and the cat never coughed again and appears to be feeling just fine. In fact, Kit loved the taste of the mixture so much that he ate all his food....... I most certainly recommend all of McDowell's products for all animals.....if my bird coughs, I may try that too!!

Karen Marie Bordonaro"

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