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"Recently, I noticed a slight mood change in my 13 yr old barn cat. An X-ray at the vets revealed a substantial amount of arthritis in several of her joints. The vet felt it was rheumatoid in nature. She’s always been an active and affectionate cat who likes to hang out around the barn, so I had no idea that she had this condition. Immediately, I spoke to Catherine McDowell and purchased her Arthritis Rheumatoid tincture and Pine Bark Extract for my dear cat. I have been giving her these tinctures daily along with some CBD oil and I am happy to say that my girl has become even more active now. Recently, she has been going on adventures into the woods.

I have used Catherine’s wonderful herbal products for years now on my horses to help them through various issues. I’m so happy and relieved that my cat could benefit from them too. Catherine is a kind and compassionate person who always responds quickly to emails. She has an immense knowledge of herbs and she is always eager to help. We are all very appreciative of McDowells Herbs and the wonderful people who work there."

Thank you!
Kim R.
Oakland, USA

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