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"I have a domestic short hair kitty named KitKat.  He was quite the kitty in his heyday after being saved from the side of the road where he was thrown away 18 years ago.  It wasn't until he was 17 that he had an accident playing with his family of dogs....as he was fleeing the game of tag with the dogs, he caught his back leg, landed wrong and fractured it.

Well the vets said, put him to sleep because of his age, it won't heal. I, of course, being very much involved with natural and alternative medicines, I didn't listen and insisted upon a cast, which they did. 

I then ordered from the homeopathic people a formula that healed fractures.  6 weeks later, the vets were amazed that the fracture was actually healing.  Of course, this is an older cat, so many things started to happen after that incident KitKat started to lose weight and was not as active and drinking lots of water.  I remembered that these are signs of the kidneys slowing down. 

I had a little bottle acquired from McDowells called Kidney Weakness.  Knowing it is a cat, and the amount given is much less.  I started KitKat who is on a diet of duck, which is his favorite, one drop twice a day, then two drops twice a day and then three drops twice a day.  At the three drop, it was just too much for him, so back to two drops twice a day. 

He now is gaining weight again, running around, not drinking as much water, and gobbling that food up.  I am sure that the homeopathics and the herbs from McDowells are the main reason that this cat is going to be around for a long long time!

Karen B. 
Alderson, WV"

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