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Ponpon is my first cat that I adopted when he was only 3 months old in February 2012. AroundPonpon May, when he was only 6 months old, he started eating less and less and drank fast. I knew there is something wrong with him and took him to the vet immediately. He was later diagnosed Acute Renal Failure (ARF) with terribly high BUN (140) and CRE (7.5). We went to hospital every two days to do the blood test and giving him the subcutaneous fluids. His condition was so bad that his weight dropped from 3.1 kg to 2.1 kg during that month and I went to my office everyday afraid he might die alone in my apartment.


Fortunately, Ponpon was young enough to survive but the blood test shows no sign of total recovery. The BUN and CRE stayed around 52.4 and 4.3 for nearly two months, sometimes it dropped a little when we gave him extra subcutaneous fluids. The vet told me Ponpon turned from ARF to CRF and with his condition; I have to give him subcutaneous fluids every two days and at least 600cc a week for the rest of his whole life. Considering his young age and the stress he gain when giving the subcutaneous fluids, I started looking products that can stabilize his condition and hopefully even save him from taking the subcutaneous fluids.


I finally found Robert’s herbal treatment and wrote for quick advice. Kate later wrote back me a very long letter suggesting me the herbal Ponpon should take, the food, the water and everything related. I took her advice and starts feeding rosehip water before receiving Kidney Weakness. Only 12 days after drinking rosehip water, the BUN and CRE of Ponpon start dropping to 41.5 and 3.1. I received Kidney Weakness in 1st September (BTW, I lived in Taiwan) and start trying. Ponpon had another 3 blood test since then, and there is a significant drop in both BUN and CRE. The BUN and CRE of Ponpon is now around 34 and 2.0, very close to normal.


Now, Ponpon do not need to take medicines neither be given the subcutaneous fluids. He has better life quality and more energy. It is the best thing for Ponpon and I to know your website and your products. Many thanks to the great help of Kate and Robert’s herbal treatment.

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