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Two and a half years ago, my partner, Geoff and I adopted a little one-eyed cat from a shelter. The shelter people told us she was a liquorice cat; her fur looked a charcoal grey but underneath the outermost layer it's nearly white. We named her Jackie Sparrow after the main character in Pirates of the Caribbean, even though he happens to be a pirate with two eyes.

Jackie's health at that time was an issue. She had a constant cough, kept vomiting her food and, much to our despair, collapsed twice. Both times she collapsed we thought we were going to lose her because she was obviously unwell and in distress. We took her to two different vets in the space of a few weeks; both independently diagnosed a prominent heart murmur and one vet even remarked it was the loudest one he had ever heard.

She was treated at the time, if I remember correctly, with antibiotics and a shot of steroids to help her rally. However, her condition did not clear up over time. A friend suggested contacting Robert McDowell's Herbal Treatments to see if they could offer an alternative. As a result of this, we began dosing Jackie with Heart Repair. In time her health improved and her dosage was lowered accordingly.

Jackie remained on the drops for about two years, with the dose as little as three drops once a day in her breakfast. We have had her back at the vet who originally thought her heart murmur was the loudest he had ever heard. I still see his face when he listened to her heart through his stethoscope and announced that he could no longer detect the murmur. Happy news indeed!

On advice from Kate, who has been our consultant throughout Jack's treatment, we recently stopped treating her. Jackie is now a happy, healthy, funny, unbearably cute and very determined little girl who sleeps between our pillows at night. And – now and then – snores a bit. Nowadays her only oral deposits are furballs.

Thank you so much to everyone at Robert McDowell's Herbal Treatments, especially Kate, who has been very patient, helpful and even shared our joy at the news of Jackie's good health. It is wonderful to have a natural option available for our beloved hairy companions, especially since I prefer such an option for my own health.

Ramona Janssen

Stoneville, WA

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