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In 2009, my grand feline, Rio, was quite near death. He would stand over his food bowl and cry. He was clearly hungry but wouldn't eat anything I offered. He had lost so much weight his head was oddly larger than his body. The outside wind would buffet him as he walked. Since he was 18 years old, I felt it wouldn't be too long before he departed.

I took him to the vet who X-rayed him and discovered he was full of impacted feces from his throat to his tail. They said it wasn't Mega bowel, gave him major enemas to clear his body and sent him home with no ideas of why this had happened or how to prevent a recurrence.

I immediately contacted Catherine at Herbal Treatments. I've been using tinctures for all my animals for years helping my horses, dogs, and cats. I knew they could help Rio.

Catherine sent several natural feline links with information and prepared a special tincture for Rio's bowels and nerve regeneration. Armed with solid iinformation I made changes in Rio's diet as I awaited drop delivery. Immediately the positive change began.

Today, Rio prowls his territories daily, creates his own raw meat diet as well as the food I give him, takes his drops, weighs approximately 15 lbs., plays like a kitten and bossess the dog without mercy. Aaah, back to normal life!

Many thanks to Herbal Treatments and Catherine! Rio is clebrating his 20th birthday this summer and all small, wild creatures must watch their step.

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