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Hi Robert I am reporting to you on the condition of our cat, Polly. Since starting the asthma/bronchitis drops a year ago and being on this remedy consistently ever since, Polly has completely stopped the coughing and labored breathing that were troubling her so much. We are very happy about this and she is as well. We live on Maui where the air can periodically be contaminated with cane burning smoke, volcanic pollution from the island of Hawaii, and black mold. Any or all of these were probably factors in Polly's breathing distress (we also notice our throats and lungs feeling congested). I also believe that Polly had a negative emotional reaction to someone who was house and cat-sitting for us last year. In any case, she is normalized now and very happy. I think we will just continue her on this prescription. I have reduced the dosage to three drops twice daily with no problem. I notice today that the air is a little dirty with cane smoke and that Polly's breathing is a little more labored than usual (but nothing like it was a year ago). She seems relaxed in a way she did not when she had the trouble. I am pretty sure the drops you make are a large part of her fantastic recovery. (The veterinarian wanted to start her on corticosteroids and/or bronchodilators. We are very much against this idea). Thank you. Sincerely, Anudeva

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