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I have sad news - my little Burmese cat that you helped keep alive finally lost her battle against failing kidneys, and was put to sleep yesterday. The various herbal brews you prescribed definitely did more for her in the last 12 months than any veterinary treatments, but at nearly 20 years old, it was only a question of time before everything caught up with her. She had become very frail just in the last few days, and as my vet was drawing up the syringe he commented on how old she looked - and how amazed he was she had lasted as well as she had - thanks to my 'rescue remedy' treatment (as he calls it!).

I realised as I climbed into bed last night it would be the first time in over 20 years I have slept truly alone in a house - a rather sobering thought! My little bottle of Rescue Remedy has been useful this weekend!

Thank you for your advice and support - I know Shecat had a longer and better life as a result of it. She is buried in the rose garden under a beautifully scented vibrant yellow rose I found for her- heaven help any possum that dares to lay a tooth on it!

Kind regards



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