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Angel -Himalayan Kitty with Lymphoma and Renal Failure

I thought I would update you on Angel. Angel is a 5-6 year old 7-8 pound female Himalayan kitty with lymphoma and renal failure that has been taking your Maritime Pine Bark...5 drops 2x daily, Kidney Weakness (KW)...5 drops 2x daily, & Lymphoma formula with special additives to build cell wall (she has had a lot of problems with anemia even though she only had 1 chemo close to 2 years ago now)....15 drops 2x daily. I also have to give her 1 burdock root capsule 2x daily which has caused a problem for you, AND WORSE, a problem for Angel if I cut back. For awhile there you had me giving her 10 drops 2x daily of the KW because she was so toxic.

WELL Sandy guess what?! Angel is doing much better than the last time I gave you an update. For the past 5-7 days she has been prancing and dancing and playing with toys for short periods one or more times a day. She now purrs a lot also and has been sociable with my 3 other Persians. Her whole demeanor is that she is once again enjoying her life. She sometimes has a little bit of a tummy upset (but no vomiting) in the early morning until after I give her the IV fluids and sometimes also her morning herbal regiment. I sometimes give her ginger root if she doesn't eat and usually within an hour she starts eating. She has NOT to the best of my knowledge been licking or eating cat litter anymore. THANK YOU!!

I've noticed another improvement. Angel has had colitis for the past 3-4 years and I've had to give her colostrum to help keep her from cramping, diarrhea, & bloody blobs although it wasn't 100%. Well, I had to cut back on something because she was having trouble taking all those herbs even though I mix 2-3 in a capsule, so I slowly cut out the colostrum. Angel hasn't had it for 4-5 months now and no cramping, diarrhea & blood...just a normal stool. THANK YOU AGAIN!!

Thank you so much.
Warmest regards,
Tish Tschann

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