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Thought I had better let you know how I am going with the cat I consulted you about. You sent me some mixtures to give him in his food. He is doing very well, the wound is almost better, I am very pleased to say.

I started putting cod liver oil in the cats food and milk a day or so before starting him on the mixture. I was putting it into sardines at first, but now he refuses to eat them but at the moment I am doing OK putting them into minced beef or chicken and milk.

As I said in my first letter, the antibiotic settled the wound down somewhat, but it did not help it heal or get any smaller. When I first started him on the mixture the wound was about 3 inches by 2 inches with folds in the skin and a three corner tear in the skin about half an inch long within the wound. After the cat had been on the mixture for a few days you could see the difference with folds flattening out and the tear healing and the wound getting smaller. Now a month after the cat was started on the mixture the wound is completely healed!

It is four months since I first took the cat to the vet, so if I had contacted you in the beginning this problem would not have taken so long to sort out. So thanks very much, I am sorry I didn't consult you in the beginning!

Margaret Pollard,
NSW, Australia

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