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Cirrhosis is the destruction of normal liver tissue that leaves non functioning scar tissue. Between ages 45 to 65 Cirrhosis is the third most common cause of death after heart disease and cancer.
The causes of cirrhosis include alcohol abuse, infections such as hepatitis, certain drugs and chemicals, autoimmune diseases, bile duct obstruction, diabetes, and glycogen storage disease.

Those with mild cirrhosis may have no symptoms for years, some will experience poor appetite, lose weight and feel ill.

Portal hypertension can lead to vomitting and coughing up large amounts of blood . Long standing liver disease leads to muscle wasting, redness of palms, curling fingers, salivary gland enlargement, hair loss, breast enlargement, shrinking testes and abnormal nerve functionas well as kidney deterioration. Liver cancer can also result from cirrhosis when abuse of alcohol is the cause.

The herbal mix for cirrhosis includes Dandelion, St Mary's Thistle, Alfalfa, Blue Flag, Fennel, Rosehips, Agrimony and Elecampane along with the Bach Flowers Agrimony, Olive, Walnut and Scleranthus. This combination of herbs and Bach flowers together are able to support the liver and all its functions, improve circulation and repair damage from scarring.

On an energetic level it can be that a person suffering from cirrhosis can be continually justifying finding fault in others to deceive themselves or chronically complaining and feeling bad. 

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