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Our Kidneys and Liver are the two hardest working systems of our body involved in cleaning the blood and eliminating toxins. The whole of our blood passes through these two organs many times every hour and they can cope with an enormous work load if only we treat them kindly.

Our kidneys are so important and critical that we have been provided with two, one for a backup. They are located one on either side of our back just under the rib cage close to the spine.

Our liver is a large organ situated just up under our ribs on the front right hand side and it performs a large number of complex functions within our body. One such function is to produce Bile which is a strongly alkaline substance stored in the gall bladder and utilized in the duodenum to break down fatty substances in our diet.

Simple and healthy eating, drinking and lifestyle habits can easily ensure that our kidneys and liver remain healthy throughout our lives. One thing which compromises the health of the kidneys especially, is not taking care to drink enough decent quality fluid. This can upset the chemical balance within the kidneys and the gall bladder and cause calcium compounds to be crystallized out of solution and remain as deposits.

Since the composition of both kidney and gall stones is similar, the herbal treatments to break up these stones are also similar.

The the standard Calcium Stone formulation I provide consists of those european herbal treatments which most gently and safely erode stones and soothe the passage of the resultant sand. This particular combination consists of concentrated extracts of:- Pellitory of the Wall, Buchu, Uva Ursi, Rosehips, Dandelion, Golden Seal and Alfalfa. To this mix I also add the Bach Flower Remedies Vine, Rescue Remedy, Rock Water, Oak and Willow.

This mixture taken as a supplement, 20 drops three times a day in a full glass of plain water, will begin immediately to break down calcium based stones of all types and prevent them reforming.

In addition I recommend that those suffering from Stones also include each day in their fluid intake two cups each of Rosehips and Dandelion tea.

Please consult your Herbalist or Doctor if you are suffering acute pain for assistance, as this mixture is not a symptomatic treatment.

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