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Spraying is a cat's way of marking territory. New smells or other changes in the environment can trigger behaviour. The smell can be terrible but yes, you do have some options...

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Since the "purpose" of spraying is to mark an area with urine odour, it is not surprising that as the odour is cleaned up, the cat wants to refresh the area with more urine. Cleaning alone does little to reduce spraying. Cats that mark in one or two particular areas may cease if the function of the area is changed. If he has specific areas for spraying, place small saucers of food in these locations. Or place bedding and scratching poles in these areas. It is unlikely that cats will spray in their feeding, sleeping or scratching areas.

Cats do not like the smell of orange or lemon oil, so dab small amounts onto cotton balls and place in these spraying areas. Or wipe it on the surfaces that are sprayed. Remember it is an oil and will stain materials.

Some cats are less likely to spray if a little of their cheek gland scent can be placed in the sprayed area. Clean the areas with alcohol (not bleach) first to remove the urine smell. Then may be able to get the same smell marking effect by rubbing a cotton ball or gauze square on your cat's cheek or chin glands, then rubbing the scent onto the previously sprayed areas. This may change the area to one of cheek gland marking and since the odour remains, the desire to spray may be greatly reduced.

Rescue Remedy will assist in calming the cat but cannot remove the cause of the spraying. You can start with dosing with the Rescue Remedy 2-3 times daily. Also by addressing the underlying issues of spraying you can deter the habit. If not already de-sexed have a male cat done before the habit gets obsessive. 

You can get a reusable baby swim nappy and modify it to fit his tail. The spray will collect in the nappy. Another option is to build yourself an outdoor cat area and confine him outdoors until everything has settled down. When you reintroduce him to the house, have your own water gun handy and if he goes to spray you fire first.

You will need to be consistent with all of these disciplines, it will take time and effort; the trick is to be consistent.

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