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Wheatgrass extract demonstrates a number of physiological properties that appear to facilitate the healing process. The broad spectrum of medical conditions and injuries can be treated successfully with wheatgrass extract, often when orthodox treatments fail.

For example:

1. Anti-inflammatory effect: Rapid reduction of redness, swelling and pain. e.g. burns, diabetic and venous ulcers.
2. Hemostasis: Cessation of capillary bleeding, acceleration of blood clotting (hemostasis) and absorption of blood clot..
3. Wound re-surfacing: Acceleration of re-epithelialisation (skin surface recovery) and mucus membranes. e.g. anal fissure, burns, oral wounds, abscesses etc.
4. Induction of skin & connective tissue elasticity: Sometimes within 10-15 minutes of application, softening of stiff, arthritic joints - sometimes with increased movement, skin tightness and burns contractures.


So, to achieve maximum benefit from wheatgrass extract:

The most important rule is “less is best.” A little wheatgrass goes a long way. Don't apply it every day. That is not only wasteful, it might also slow the healing process. In most cases, once weekly (or less) is sufficient.
In general, for injuries and skin conditions, preferably apply the extract only once a week, and persevere.
For long-standing (chronic) conditions, e.g. leg & diabetic foot ulcers, apply a small amount of extract once every three to four weeks, or even less if the wound is constantly wet or beginning to heal.
Persevere. Sometimes, healing can occur rapidly - within a day or two e.g. minor burns. 


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