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In the wild, dogs evolved eating the meat, bones and offal of kill or dead animals. Part of this was eating the stomach contents and faeces of herbivores.  ROAR paste emulates this herbivore stomach contents to provide the NUTRITIONAL DIVERSITY required for healthy eyes, coat, immune system and healthy digestion. Just add to your dogs favoutite protein for a complete meal.

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Both cats and dogs have evolved over thousands of year to consume raw meat. Their bodies are adapted to process raw, living foods with lots of a variety. Dogs have adapted to thrive on meat and non-meat scraps along with roughage. Remember to feed a variety of raw meats. Feeding raw chunks of the muscle of one type of animal isn't going to cover the basic nutritional needs!

Wild dogs eat nearly all of their prey - bones, skin, glands and offal. Just like us, our animals want and need some diversity. Try to find grass fed meat. It's better for us and our pets.

Raw protein ideas:

  • Chicken and turkey carcass
  • Beef bones
  • Lamb tissue and organs
  • Fish off-cuts 
  • Oily fish like sardines or makerel
  • Some wild meats
  • Raw eggs

Feeding your dog the ROAR way improves the whole digestive system. When you’ve got the dogs stomach working the way nature intended, everything improves! You’ll see increase in energy, skin and coat improvements and you may find your doggy smells less and his poo are much easier to deal with!

Improving the digestive health and removing what shouldn't be in dog food is a sure what to improve coat. We’ve seen amazing results with our ROAR diet in dogs who have had skin conditions for years. You’ll see shiny coats and less itching and scratching!

200g organ meat (beef, lamb or goat) OR 200g sardines or mackerel
200g chicken frames, necks or wings OR raw meaty bones cut in to chunks
1 raw egg
1 level scoop your favourite Roar Supplement

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Commercial pet food only became available around a hundred years ago. Canned horse meat was introduced just after the first World War. Canned and dry dog food is certainly more convenient and often cheaper but as with most 'fast food', it isn't always better. Feeding a healthful, natural and varied diet to your dog can be easier than you think!

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