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Laminitis is a painful condition of the feet. The actual word laminitis means 'inflammation (itis) of the sensitive laminae (lamin)'. These laminae are the membranes that hold the bone of the foot (pedal bone) in place inside the foot. Watching you horse for early signs is very important!

stock horse palamino SML

The early warning signs are: 

• Weepy Eye - every case
• Sluggish - every case
• Hard, engorged crest (not in every case) 
• Overweight and fat pads (not in every case) 
• 'Sooky' behaviour - every case 
• Sensitive to walk on hard ground - every case 
• Reluctant to stride out on the arena
• Irregularity of stride – every case 
• Shifts weight – back to front, rests back feet, front feet
• Mild lameness on one side - every case 
• Gets worse after a hard run or work on the arena - every case 
• Lame on a circle – every case 
• Laying down for short periods more frequently 
• Heat in feet - every case


Seriously close to foundering:

• Weight shift becomes more obvious
• VERY reluctant to walk
• Swelling of lower limbs
• Abscessing 
• Rapid pulse 
• Heat in feet

Foundering (pedal bone rotation):

• Unable to walk
• Rocking back
• Obvious pain
• Tucked up
• Laying down for long periods
• Pedal bone penetration

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