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angels-angel-free 69675-300“I am aware of light and colour. A radiance that seems to fill my senses, whilst at the same time the colours that I see are translucent. All is glowing.

In the distance I see the Blue Mountains, a lavender sky with gold and silver clouds. Trees, buildings and animals- all I see are illuminated as if all had been touched by the unseen hand of God. Shining from the inside out..

Surrounding me are my close family and friends. Many are pure light. Some souls are translucent colours, and a few souls are carrying dark areas in their fields of light.

I recognize many souls as those I am working with, some family members and still some that I am yet to meet.

Some of these souls that are carrying the dark need assistance, and I am drawn to them to help them.

I am being shown my soul/karmic family.

Suddenly we are all showered with little spirits- floating little pure spirits that could be like snow settling on the ground.

I look up, and above me a Blue Angel descends, her large silver wings spreading wide as she aims to engulf me.

I am lifted by an indescribable force. I black out….

That morning I awoke to the sun streaming through my bedroom window, and the beginning of a journey that has yet to find its conclusion.

The feeling that I had after this dream (and many more like it) is the feeling that lovers experience- a feeling so light, so bright and so much love that one spends an incredible amount of time bathing in the afterglow..a pure joy not only in the knowledge that that we are alive, but we are alive and we have a purpose. It is pure Bliss.

This dream came to me after I had started listening to a series of recorded teachings and meditations from some yoginis on the five Dakinis. I had just stumbled upon the teachings – and felt drawn to them. This meditation stimulated a lot of electrical sensations up and down my spine. Nothing unusual when you are used to working as a healer.

I was not very respectful of the recordings initially. This was just something else, like another book to read, on techniques to enlightenment. All I was looking for was a simple peaceful place to go to….

I don’t know if it was these recordings, or if it was a series of stressful events in my life ( I lost my life partner to a brain injury and my mother to bowel cancer in a 6 month period 5 years previously- life had been rather difficult) , or the combination that started the process of awakening. All I know is that I went into a full spiritual emergency. Some call it a Kundalini awakening, others a shamanic initiation.

No longer was I a wife and carer - a woman working daily with my animals and clients, studying my herbs and bio-dynamics. I was thrust into a world of mysticism-walking between worlds. The realm of the Shaman.

Initiations are not easy. Anyone who has gone through such extraordinary experiences and not lost their mind is doing well.

In today’s growing acceptance of Shamanism, with trends to desire these kinds of experiences, one must be careful to respect the reality and power of these unseen worlds.

What I have discovered though is that more and more people who are not in any kind of spiritual practice other than living their life (which is a spiritual practice!) are having organic awakenings.

My personal awakening required much research – I needed to make sense of what was happening. Breathwork and herbal medicine was an integral part of the process.

Through my work as a holistic Health practitioner, several clients of mine reported some kind of uninvited transformative mystical experience. Predominately they were unprepared for it and were being misunderstood by their medical professionals. Many times these experiences were accompanied by intense attractions to a sexual partner, causing confusion and anxiety.

I needed to discover more about the mechanisms of organic awakening, the hormonal imbalances that occur and the requirements for herbal support and the deeper emotional work that must be done in order to clear the emotional ( soul wounds) and psychological trauma. ..

Pre –requisites for an organic awakening.

It’s actually fairly simple to awaken naturally if you fall into this category:

  • You are reasonably healthy physically ( no medications at all)
  • Your nervous system is healthy
  • You are empathetic and kind and desire to know your self
  • The ability to be emotionally vulnerable
  • You may have had a trigger experience like extreme grief
  • Childbirth, Andropause and Menopause can often trigger an awakening
  • Some spiritual practices will prepare you ( like yoga)
  • Some lifestyles will prepare you ( introverts who love being in nature and around animals)
  • Some sexual relationships can trigger an awakening. I see these relationships as cosmic destiny unfolding in our lives.
  • Astrological transits. Shamanic astrology is a very useful tool to help you understand key planetary influences like Saturn returns that can have significant life changing influences.


During an awakening you will experience Magic. Thoughts become manifest very quickly, and your ability to see the greater cosmic plan unfold gives you insight into the future. You can often have visions that come true to validate your experience. Cluster synchronicity can startle the unprepared.

Your feelings of connectedness to everything can break your heart as you become aware of how your actions have hurt others, and how your internal self needs to be congruent. The heart and mind long to be at peace, knowing that your actions are kind and in harmony with all of life.

You really feel and see how peaceful loving thoughts resonate to heal the world.

Spontaneous past life memories come up to be integrated. I had several of these, some in dreams, others in waking recollection. Some of these will be memories that you can verify so you know that your experience is a real one.

Love is central. Being in love, loving others and loving the world is now your focus.

Creativity, art and music become highlighted. The world becomes very bright- colours and form take on new dimensions.

Your relationship with self and others becomes a barometer of your connectedness on all levels.

As within, so without, as above, so below.

Why this is occurring

Much has been written about the Golden Future of the human and the Earth - and I don’t need to re-iterate here what is now well known and available for all to read in alternative worldview literature.

Suffice it to say- we are all evolving, and the Kundalini awakening is the “popping” of the chrysalis as we become more conscious, more human and more fully engaged as spiritualised matter.

Science and spirituality are merging as those who are opening up to higher levels of consciousness are being shown the real history of Earth, in order for us to re create a new-story.

One where we are not on Repeat. A future where the human condition can be transformed to a new way of being.

What inhibits or makes an awakening painful

  1. Misunderstanding your reactions and suppressing the experience.
  2. Resisting your emotional clearing
  3. Not eating well or keeping fit
  4. Thinking hormonal changes to be normal ageing ( like menopause ) and so then allowing your body to be manipulated by drugs ( like HRT)
  5. running from one experience to the next rather than sitting in the discomfort until the energy settles
  6. allowing those that don’t relate to your experience judge what you must be “wrong with you”
  7. Becoming lost in the shaman worlds- not grounding the experience, or not being able to maintain the observer role in your experience.
  1. too much internet, too much food, too much isolation etc…
  2. Drugs

What supports an awakening?

The most important aspect of any awakening is the courage to break habits that are preventing you from living the harmonious integrated life that is possible. You are beginning your Hero’s quest.

The biggest issue that we face is the discipline to keep our body well and safe whilst navigating the mystical realm. Finding a Herbalist/Naturopath that understands the hormonal changes from such awakenings can help you enormously.

Feeling physically strong is essential. In order to become a super conductor for spirit, we need to nourish ourselves. Physical and neurological strength is essential if you are to have safe and meaningful mystical experiences that don’t end up getting you scheduled…

Specifically herbs are the realm of the mystic, and I can go on to discuss the many virtues of western herbal medicine and ayuvedic approaches.

One Herb in particular , Maritime Pine Bark is very useful . Studies have been done on this herb that indicates its usefulness in balancing the electrical activity of the left and right hemispheres of the brain. The herb is thought to improve circulation, and the high level of anti-oxidants as well as safe toxicology makes this my herb of choice for an awakening.

Being a species of Pinus (pinaster), the Cluster pine or Maritime Pine cone clearly resembles the Pine cone symbology in history, referring to the Pineal gland opening.

As a practising herbalist, I cut the Maritime Pine locally and extract this herb to ensure its purity and quality.

Historically we have been left with Maps that help us to develop enough in order to open up to the mystical realms. Breathwork is a modality that has enormous benefit for those wanting the Shamanic Journey with out the risk of going to Tarapto in Peru.

There is no doubt that this naturally occurring phenomenon of developing the Rainbow Body is what the Vedic Texts were about. Evidence of the human souls journey is everywhere thanks to the wonderful work of people like Carl Jung , John Lamb Lash , William Henry and numerous others available online through specialised book sellers.

Women and Men are now coming to the fore with their stories, because it is only through the telling of our own journey which gives validation to an often confusing and lonely time. Joy Manne, Sondra Ray , and Raine Eisler are way-showers of living an inspired life through embracing the challenge of awakening and recognising that we can only create a new story by living it..

History needs to become Our Story, with Sacred Partnerships that are based on the mystical connection to live a truly inspired life. .

Intimacy and Karma

The aim of an awakening is to bring you up close and personally familiar with your shadow side. This is not a journey for the faint hearted!

What is hidden will be revealed, because as Sondra Ray says, Love brings up that which is unlike itself. A true integration of body/mind/spirit/soul.

The Sacred Marriage in all of its glory.

Where to from here?

The aim of a mystical journey is to bring that which is hidden (usually painful memories and negative thought forms) to the light, in order to make space for greater conscious creative capacity.

This is the dance between the inner work, the clearing and the inspiration.

Keeping the fires burning…

Of the greatest needs that I see in the world is that of Sacred partnerships. As women in particular awaken to their true nature and re-connect personally with the wisdom of the earth, they bring with their awakening the inspiration to live positive and creative lives, with the power of sacred partnerships.

Humans are beautifully social beings, with much joy being gained from healthy communities, living in the Garden of Eden. Genuine Heart felt and soulful living.

There is conflict that is generated once we become aware of the incongruence and hypocrisy of a world that is still operating to maintain social and personal dichotomies.

The confusion between the issues of duality and oneness, our responsibility to take action and the new age ideas like the Law of Resonance, money and what is abundance?

Each person, awakening, bringing inspired action, no matter how small, all contribute to global change. As we each awaken, men and women, we can create sacred and mystical unions that are beautiful and joyful to the end, influencing all who come into contact with the energy field of the awakened couple.

Kundalini , it seems, is catching


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