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I would simply like to be forgiven and forgotten. There is no need to remember me. The need is to remember yourself! People have remembered Gautam Buddha and Jesus Christ and Confucius and Krishna. That does not help. So what I would like: forget me completely, and forgive me too – because it will be difficult to forget me. That´s why I am asking you to forgive me for giving you the trouble.

Remember yourself.

And don´t be bothered about historians and all kinds of neurotic people – they will do their thing. It is none of our concern at all.


I have always found remarkable solace in Oshos teachings.

He brings our attention to the relevancy of being present, real and unashamed of our uniqueness, while understanding our inherent interconnectedness.

We are all one, with the capacity to create beauty and joy . But so often we fall into the despair of our inner demons, succumbing to the idea that we are only here to decorate the planet. What is the point of it all?

We are so much more.

We are artists- the Architects of our Destiny. As we master each stage of our illusion (the world created by man- not the alive natural world), we step up each level until we are co-creators in harmony with life and evolution in the universal context. This is Wisdom and Love in action.

In order to become this, we need to learn to manage the pre-thought..

What exists pre-thought?

Boundless and timeless- we have the potential to tap into the Quantum field.

We can move beyond "belief" and dance in harmony with spark of life, the impetus of life.

This is the Miracle...and this is Grace in action.

And Love is the Key- become a Lover, because it's Lovers who have tapped into this field of possibility.

I have included another letter from a regular client in this newsletter- I am always so profoundly humbled by the gratitude expressed by my clients.


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