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As I travel this wonderful journey called life, one of the greatest joys is meeting people who become catalysts for change.

Having the capacity to become part of a transformative process requires courage. The more conscious you are, the more you are able to be part of the process in a positive way, and make use of the chemistry of the relationship to inspire, create a new life or simply to become more aware of the subconscious programming that operates either as a soul program or as wounding that will not allow you to move out of the repeating pattern.

Many times these relationships occur in the primary relationship area- partner, lover, parent or child. When you avoid the catalyst by not committing to a life partner and not embracing this transformational chemistry, transference of this primary relationship catalyst will move to the next person or animal that you have focussed your attention on.

Culturally we are at a crossroads. As our disposable income becomes greater in the west, more and more people are taking up the sports of Kings- Polo, Dressage and Racing being the main equine related sports that attract the wealthy.

The inherent understanding of the requirement to relate to your horse in a positive way is being lost, as old tactics of domination and force are employed to make the animal perform- often beyond its talent and capacity, and beyond the riders talents and capacity.

Competition is the disease that has gripped many too tight, as the welfare of the animal in these disciplines becomes the sacrificial lamb in the egos desire to win at all costs.

We start looking for the guru to help us out of the quagmire, and so like a spiritual quest, we find the "teacher" only to discover that again they don't have the answer.

But what of a new way? What if the purpose of our equine relationships are just as profound and transformative as our primary relationships?

And I am not talking about the "learning the lessons of life" . The idea that you keep going until you get it right. Because what if what you were doing was always inherently going to be wrong? Wrong for you and wrong for your horse? This is analogous of moving the deck chairs around on the Titanic.

Bringing a new understanding to anything requires a radical perceptual change- a new way of looking at what the purpose of our life is, and finding a meaning that is beyond the egos self glorification and needy validation.

I see now a great divide occurring- those that are following the path of domination and control – unfortunately based on old ideas of systemic training, that use force and control to get the horse to obey its rider. This system is built into the financial rewards that occur with winning, so many times welfare is overlooked in order to preserve the life of the of the system that rewards its participants with accolades, critical if you need these to be a financially viable competitor.

This occurs globally in all areas- agriculture and mineral resources vs the  community and health of the people. The planet also suffers the same dichotomy.

The other is the idea of Partnership and Harmony. This is a softer system with welfare at the core of the idea. But still, you can be equally frustrated as your techniques don't seem to get you anywhere. So we resort to a mish-mash of systems, not really resolving the dilemma.

The problem really is non-compatibility between the two states.

You can't have a partnership in Harmony in an Olympic dressage test, because by virtue of the system and the requirements, one is forced to ride in a particular way, and the horse is subdued to perform. You can't fake genuine harmony. It is either present or it is not. The nature of the partnership is compromised, so there fore you can never have a true partnership in modern style competitive equine sports.

Like our confusion in the modern world with the Gender Rift and marriage, our confusion has filtered over into how we conduct all our relationships.

Resolving the Divine Dichotomy....

The Tao is a philosophy that enables one to take stock and balance this perspective.

By looking at the nature of man and our interrelationship within the web of life, the idea is that energy is a flow, and that any resistance is soon met with a catalyst to free up the energy.

This is what occurs in the unconscious, as we navigate life, we learn either to avoid the catalyst or to embrace it.

The fact is, this is happening, and you can't avoid it.

Next newsletter I will exapnd on this topic.....

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