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In any relationship when we choose to ask the question, "What does the relationship want?" rather than, "What do I want?" then the field of presence that is the 'relationship' will gradually guide us into a profound and inexhaustible depth of intimacy.

Richard Moss

I was watching SBS the other day (one of the rare times I actually watch TV) and a lovely story came on about Afghanistan veterans with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder who were being rehabilitated by participating in a Guide Dog re-training program.

This touching story of traumatised Veterans really brought home to me the ever increasing need for our society to get beyond domination and war as a solution for our differences.

It grieves me when I see Men and Women used as pawns in the “Games of Thrones” and the subsequent glorification of war as an honourable tour of duty. ANZAC day memorials on the 25th of April are well turned out as we try to make sense of this tragic loss of life, and try to accept the way of war.

But still the heart of love wins…

These men suffering from PTSD have hearts- BIG brave hearts. Men who can feel the trauma of what their career choice unknowingly led them to.

War is something that I remember my Grandfather being unable to speak about. He was a WW1 veteran, an artillery wagon driver in France. He lost his brother in that war, who is commemorated at the Rouen Memorial where a large hospital cared for the wounded soldiers in 1918. Grandfather was a dedicated animal lover- particularly horses. I always felt that I had inherited this connection from him.

Researchers at the University of Zurich and ETH Zurich now think they have come one step closer to understanding how the effects of traumas can be passed down the generations, the cause of mental health issues and social dysfunction.

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/health/article-2611317/How-trauma-life-passed-SPERM-affecting-mental-health-future-generations.html#ixzz30QArptXE

This is nothing new to those who work in the emotional healing field. We see this all the time-ancestral memory at work. Is this past life memory or genetic memory?

Which brings me to the quote above by Richard Moss.

Right relationships heal. Right Relationships don’t need war. Right relationships open the heart, bring vulnerability and compassion, engaging our humanity at the deepest level. Trust is part of this, as we gather together in open hearted being.

Animals are so much a part of that healing process for people. I see this every day in the practice as we support so many people with their beloved pets.

These relationships are just as important as any other, (more so in many cases) as animals provide the love and life force that brings so much joy to their owners. They are gifts of spirit.

As I write this, my gorgeous new 3 yo Borzoi Babka is trying to get my attention to go for a walk… her smiling generous face radiates pure love!

There is nothing better!


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