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I was on call a few weeks ago when I got a call for a dog that had been hit by a car. When Gizmo presented to me he was in shock, salivating and would not stand up. He had a lot of bruising already coming out on his inner thigh and if I touched his left leg he would yelp and threaten to bite me.

Gizmo is a 2 year old maltese x shihtzu – a gorgeous playful little fellow. I performed the emergency CCMRT (canine and cat muscle release therapy) moves on him immediately, gave him some pain relief and put him on an IV drip so support his shock. From my experience often the pain relief in these situations doesn't make a great dent in the pain, but with using the CCMRT as well we were able to take xrays of Gizmos pelvis very comfortably with him on his back!!. He responded exceptionally well recovering from the shock quite quickly and becoming very relaxed.

Unfortunately Gizmo had a fractured pelvis in 2 places and dislocated his sacroiliac joint (where the pelvis attaches to the spine).

Gizmo had many bandaid CCMRT treatments and his comfort level continued to improve greatly. The next day – with myself and his owner debating surgery as an option – gizmo was able to stand!! & walk!! And sit/lay on which ever side he pleased – even laying on his back with his legs in the air!!

We were all astounded by his fabulous attitude and improvement. He has not yelped or complained since- apart from about being on strict cage rest –although he gets to have his little friend 'Bella' in with him!

Gizmo is such a gorgeous dog who brings a smile to your face every time you meet him, he absolutely loves his weekly CCMRT treatments – snuggling up to me for more & sleeping soundly when he is finished. He has continued to improve in leaps and bounds and you would never know he had a fractured pelvis even when a week later he basically ran into the clinic to see me!!. He has been on the Anti-Inflammatory Healer and Bone healer for the past month and I am constantly astounded by his comfort level and progress. He is getting stronger and stronger all the time and the pelvis is now stable.

Gizmo is a great example of bridging the gap between western and complimentary medicine. His amazing recovery is attributed to the holistic approach of CCMRT, western medicine – pain relief, xrays and herbal medicine as well as his great little attitude!!

By approaching problems holistically we can improve healing times, comfort and the quality of life of our furry friends. I can personally say that combining herbal medicine, CCMRT and western medicine optimizes healing and nourishes the body while doing so, creating a true healing rather than a masking of the problem that returns at a later date.

Anti-Inflammatory Healer $68.00 100mls 12 weeks supply

The Anti inflammatory support is an alternative medical treatment designed to treat pain & swelling in dogs,suffering inflammation in the body.

This herbal Support is formulated to treat a wide variety of aches and pains, & highly recommended for those canines diagnosed with Rheumatism, Arthritis & Degenerative Joint diseases.

Many dogs requiring anti inflammatory medications are on long term anti-inflammatory drugs for pain and most of these are at risk from the side effects of such medications.

I recommend experimenting with traditional herbal anti-inflammatory combinations.

Herbal medicine throughout the ages had a large number of herbs at its disposal to treat a wide variety of aches and pains and I have chosen a combination of very reliable remedies which are mostly side effect free & useful to replace fully, or partially, the dependence on pharmaceutical anti-inflammatory & pain killing drugs.

My Anti-Inflammatory formulation contains Devils Claw, White Willow, Guiacum, Burdock, Pine Bark, Elecampane, Yarrow and Rosehips as well as the Bach Flower remedies Honeysuckle, Vine, Walnut and Rescue Remedy.

Dose: 5 to 10 drops for Tiny and Small Breeds; 10 to 20 drops for Medium and Large breeds

Bone Healing Mix $68.00 100-mls 12 weeks supply

This mix is for broken, bruised or cracked bones and also to assist in the process of maturity in the bones of growing puppies or dogs from a line susceptible to congenital weakness in bones.

It contains herbs high in silica which is the essential metabolic partner with calcium for strong bone growth. Other herbs support the bone marrow and the production of new healthy and elastic bone material in dogs subject to high workloads, as in the case of Racing Greyhounds.

The herbs included in this mix include: Elecampane, Yarrow, Rosehips and Equisetum as well as the Bach Flowers Oak and Rescue Remedy.

This treatment is therefore recommended to facilitate maturity in young dogs, to assist the big breeds susceptible to hip dysplasia for example in avoiding this condition, for all cases of injury or breaks, and also for the recovery following surgery or bone cancer treatments.



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