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"Ultimately, you will discover that life has only one purpose:
it is driven to release the potential energy that becomes blocked by stagnation"
- Kari Hone

The Nature of Relationships..

Relationship-Noun- The way in which two or more concepts, objects, or people are connected, or the state of being connected.

Everything is in relationship with each other, all the time, either directly or indirectly. This seems like an obvious fact when we are presented with a statement like this.

However, for some reason, western culture has led us to feel that we are separate – not only from the earth herself, but also everyone else on the planet, including the millions of other species that live on this beautiful globe with us.

In fact, it is not so uncommon for reports to be on the news that ensure that this separation is maintained. Bad news, fighting, political intrigue, the war on women, the war on men...the war on cancer, the war on drugs....

I read a statistic the other day that said 40% of Australians are living alone. This is sad to me, because it suggests that somehow we have been conned into believing the lie that being independent and successful means being alone. It also indicates to me that we are not given appropriate models of relating and caring, or an adequate validation of the deep wounds that drive our collective behaviour unconsciously.

We are becoming a permanently scared and scarred culture, feeling deprived, which leads to a quiet internal desperation. In my opinion, it's this internal desperation that is the cause of many illnesses. It is also the cause of excessive drives and addictions, whether it be working more and more, or at the other end of the spectrum, obsessive hoarding.

It is no surprise then to discover that those that possess the healthiest bodies seem to have peaceful, happy and connected relationships in their lives. Not necessarily excessively wealthy lives, but peaceful and harmonious surroundings which support inspiration. This results in spontaneous creative expression of the individual nature.

In understanding the whole health model, it's critical to understand the cycle of ill health, and that many factors are involved. Social and relationship health is a major factor.

I am always looking at ways to undo chronic health problems. And what I have discovered is this:
Looking at the problem and going deeper and deeper into pathology does not always solve the problem. In fact, dissection brings us closer and closer at the "TV" screen, until we only see the little dots that make up the picture. It does not give me the whole picture. In fact, very often we end up going too far down the Rabbit Hole to be fully effective.
I see much of modern medical science as operating like this, and unfortunately what we are fed via these channels is often distorted and biased as a result of being too close to the metaphoric TV screen..

This is not to say that some of this model can be very useful in understanding a position, and can form part of the integrated whole. Medical science is very valuable in many areas. But it's still limited and does not provide all the answers to all health problems.

However, stepping back, and looking at how we interact within our environment and with in ourselves will reveal far more.

I was giving a talk the other day at the local Hospital to a group of courageous women undertaking a course in self care- focussing on the importance of a balanced relationship with your self and how this immediately affects how you interrelate with others.

The women were from varied backgrounds, and some may be what we would consider "fine" in terms of lifestyle.

But there is much more going on here. These women had been very unhappy for various reasons, and their health was beginning to deteriorate. Particularly their immune system and their hormone balance.

This is where a lot of people get confused with modern medicine, because clearly something is not in balance, yet nothing can be found by way of blood tests, or a myriad of other tests.

This is when prescriptions for Anti-Depressants and ant acids seem to come into play, or HRT. I see many patients now who have been on this roundabout, only to be placed on more and more medication. Continued ill health always follows on, in a downward spiral.

There is, fortunately, always another way.

Restoring the balance in Relationships within our cells, our self and our life;

It makes sense then, that all relationships need to be considered and understood, and that even if we cant know consciously that a relationship exists, we must instinctively know that everything is in relationship whether we see it or not. This is a universal law.

Let's make the leap! Let's join the dots into something that does make sense...

Next newsletter I will Introduce each area of attention ,and bring together the benefits of understanding the interrelationship of the key 4 areas of Physical, Emotional, Intellectual and Spiritual health. (Spirit is the term I am using to describe the unseen element of life – the bit that seems to bring it all together for us. It is not a religious idea, although religions have used the idea of spirit in their Doctrines)

Following this article are some recent case studies.

I hope that you find this information useful!

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