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"The greatest fear in the world is of the opinions of others. And the moment you are unafraid of the crowd you are no longer a sheep, you become a lion. A great roar arises in your heart, the roar of freedom : Osho.

Awakening the Imaginal cells...

Health and healing has always been associated with the Mystical, the Imagination and Spirit.

It is only in the last 100 years that modern medical science and its material reductionist approach has taken the "mystic' out of what may have been considered miracles. This has led to a cultural assumption in the west that Science ultimately will be able to understand the meaning of life; so therefore, we have no need anymore of the Sacred.

Culturally we put our faith now in Science, not in our own personal experience. We put other peoples opinions above our own meaningful experience, and invalidate ourselves time and time again..

Certainly our understanding of hygiene and nutrition has enabled many a disease to be eradicated, and our understanding of how to repair bodies from trauma is amazing.

Emergency medicine is heroic and essential to our lives. There is nothing short of a miracle occurring when faced with enormous odds and life still breathes in the body...and if we can provide the circumstances to prolong life while the body repairs- like keep shock at bay, maintain levels of oxygen, keep pain to a minimum and eliminate and protect the body from pathogens , the body can then organise itself to repair.

All life is programmed to do this. This in itself is a miracle. Life is a miracle...

It is at this crossroad that we meet spirit. The spirit of life, the spark to love, live and commune with others.

There is a substance that is produced in all living things -dimethyltryptamine (DMT) that is the basis of much new research. The molecule is being described as the Spirit Molecule...the substance that is the reason for psychedelic experiences, mystical ideas and creative genius.

Jung acknowledges that deep within the human psyche live the archetypes of our cultural and racial memories. The Warrior, the Lover, the Healer to name a few. These archetypes, if suppressed often find ugly ways to express themselves in a culture that can't or won't attempt to understand them.

Ancient Shamanism and other traditional/tribal cultures recognised this quality in themselves, and instead of invalidating these individuals' experiences, the culture absorbed the visionaries and they became revered as the Artists, Musicians, Healers, Scientists and Philosophers..

These visionaries' experiences were also evolutionary in their purpose...and the most advanced cultures are those that have evidence of skilful artisans. You could see rich and diverse cultures that worked in harmony with nature and a higher mind.

Life experience should not need to be reduced to the current scientific maxim to be validated .In fact something is lost if we are required to live our life in this reductionist way. A part of our soul dies. We become lost in the fear of "what if'"

It is true that our modern medical system in the western world is only but one model of health care.. This is one reason why there is huge resurgence in hands on healing and other similar "mystical" modalities..(Many of these modalities being supported as well by Science)

The truth is in the heart of your experience. We can balance and integrate the mystical back into our practical and productive lives, and it's important to do so. We can balance that which we know and that which is scientific.

The DMT Spirit molecule is in each and every one of us- urging us to dream of a new future. How does this Molecule get activated? In Dream states mainly....and this is where the journey begins....

Practice appreciation for the mystery of life, allow for moments of fantasy, frivolity and fun and bring the Sacred back into your world in whatever way you feel is appropriate!

In this newsletter, Raquel Butler ( nee Stoll) our Vet has contributed with a wonderful article on herbal medicine and current case studies..

I hope that you find this information interesting and useful!

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