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It's critical to understand that grief is part of our nature and if we fail to grieve, we set ourselves up for all kinds of self esteem issues and further physical illness. Breathwork is a unique modality that through the use of a certain conscious breathing technique truly allows an individual to integrate life's emotional storms and mental confusion...

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I am passionate about making this clear distinction, because as a holistic therapist, I see daily the misunderstanding that is caused interpreting sadness/grief and depression. We set up conditions that can cause major personality disorders, hormonal upsets and aggression are cause when we are not allowed to grieve in a safe way.

It is essential to understand the grieving process (Elizabth Kubler-Ross has the most definitive process outlined) and allow ourselves to be vulnerable as we navigate a difficult time. 

Long term unexpressed grief can come out in times of transition and change, and because its not associated with the present moment, is then judged and confused with being "unbalanced".. and often diagnosed as depression.

Breathwork recognised nationally through the Australian Qualifications Framework, the Breathwork Trainings International college also has links internationally. It can be seen not only as a psychotherapy but also a spiritual practices. It connects to the ancient shamanic traditions in a most respectful way. 

Breathwork as therapy during times of crisis, transition and grief...

"... is a work of Spirit. The life force in the breath is variously named according the great spiritual traditions: in Sanskrit it is called 'prana', the Chinese - 'chi', it is called 'ki' by the Japanese, 'ruah' in Hebrew and Holy Spirit in Christianity.
"At one end of the spectrum Breathwork is a psychotherapy - at the other end, it is a timeless spiritual practice. It is quite literally inspirational" Ann Harrison – Inspiration for Life
Breathwork uses conscious connected breathing to facilitate an expanded state of consciousness. This allows the Breather to become aware of areas in the body where experiences with their accompanying thoughts and emotions have been suppressed. The body may feel tight, hot, cold, tense, or have other sensations. These places in the body I suggest will become areas of dis-ease if not addressed at their core.

This feeling (or lack of feeling, as the case may be) is considered to be locked-in emotions. These unresolved and often unconscious psychological issues will get triggered every time we are in a similar situation. This is our Baggage, and will end up influencing our decisions, either by reacting angrily to the trigger (hurt) or by desiring something that is clearly not in our best interest.
By resolving these unprocessed emotions, and learning of the underlying pattern of behaviour, we can recover our sense of joy, connectedness, and make decisions for our wellbeing that are healthy and supportive of the life that we dream of.
A truly inspirational idea that the life that you have always felt of becoming, will actually come to you by unfolding the true essence of your spirit.

Health and Vitality are the natural state, as is happiness.
These concepts are not an ideal dream, but an achievable state of being.

For more information on the benefits of Breathwork contact www.breathworktrainings.com.au or www.australianbreathworkassociation.org.au

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