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Herbalists often talk about 'blood quality'. What do we mean by this? To understand this, we need to have a small lesson in the circulatory system and what the blood actually does...

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The circulatory system carries nutrients, oxygen (via haemoglobin), hormones, enzymes (proteins) and part of our immune defence system with white blood cells, as well as carbon dioxide (to be exchanged in the lungs). The blood can also carry in its plasma metabolic waste, dead cells, viruses, bacteria and fungi.

In fact, its amazing to me that the human body is made up of more bacteria and fungi than of our own cells...there is an ecology that exists in our bodies that is not unlike a small universe for the flora and fauna that reside within and on us!

When disease is present in the body, inflammation is present, and this healing response can often cause secondary issues.

We would call this "housekeeping", and to have a good automatic internal 'housekeeping' system in place, the cleaner your blood is of metabolic debris, the more able your immune system will be able to deal with the real work of clearing up cells that are not healthy (like cancer cells).

Herbs used in this practice to clear the blood stream of metabolic waste and improve blood quality are:

  • Garlic
  • Burdock
  • Rosehips
  • Nettle

Herbs used to improve the red and white blood cells are:

  • Echinacea ( White blood cells),
  • Red Clover and
  • Yarrow (improves hemaglobin production).

Its important to understand that with cleaner and well oxygenated blood, our energy will improve, our quality of life improves and our ability to relax improves.

Eastern Traditions are well aware of the importance of Prana, and our capacity to breathe in the valuable prana, as the life force of our spirit residing in our physical bodies.

Lung capacity is crucial for this, so improving the amount of oxygen exchange by improving the ability of the lungs to exchange oxygen and discard Carbon Dioxide is life enhancing, immune boosting and restoring to health.

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