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I treat an enormous number of kidney failure patients in the human and canine world. Not so many in the horse world primarily because we don't abuse their kidneys with too many unnatural feeds and always have inexhaustible supplies of water for them.

The one area where we do deplete their kidney reserves is in the routine administration of salt in their diets. It is true that horses need salt but they don't need the same amount of salt every day and they certainly almost never need the size of the dose recommended for them by those that supply it.

The correct amount of salt for a healthy horse is the amount it will lick off a salt block if one is left in its grassy paddock. If stabled the horse may overdose out of boredom.

Rehabilitation is just about as simple as prevention. Give no salt at all and no prepared feeds at all to make sure there is no chemical load in the body. Twice daily give a dose of cold Rosehip Tea made by soaking a 1/4 cup of Rosehip Granules in a pint of boiling water and leaving it until cold. When cold, the tea is used to dampen down feed in the morning and evening.

If your horses kidneys have been effected please contact us. I make up a dried feed preparation of herbs.

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