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I had my horse on your worming program with excellent success. I want to stay on top of this with my horse. Should I continue with the worm a void and the Equigesta-pre in her daily diet or should I do the 48 hour dose before a full moon as you suggested. I have been following the directions with the worming program but am running out of the worm a void and Equigesta-pre Should I just keep her on these herbs forever or change to something else. I am so happy with how my girl has improved since she’s been on your products that I don’t want to mess anything up!


Thank you for letting me know that she is going so well.

The worm-a-void can be given 40ml every twelve hourly for 48 hrs. Then 1 dose per week thereafter mixed in a cup of ground Linseed Meal after fasting overnight.

I would also recommend a fecal egg count being performed every 6 months to check her worm load.

The Equigesta-Pre is suitable for long term dosing, and can be given on a daily basis.

Does she have any health concerns?

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