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What hay is best for for laminitis, Cushing's, foundering horse? What has is the best for an insulin resistant/metabolically compromised horse?


Best (low NCS Less than 8% NSC)

  • Teff Hay (5.4% in the 'boot' stage and 8.4 in the late heading stage) 
  • Straw - horse quality - (only fill, has no nutritional value to it) approx 2+% NSC

OK/Maintenance   (8-13% best for horses that do not have metabolic issues)

  • Lucerne - 2nd grade dry land lucerne – can be mixed with grass.
  • Grass/pasture
  • Millet
  • Meadow
  • Rhodes grass

Do not feed (high in NCS) 

  • Barley 
  • Oaten
  • Wheaten
  • Timothy
  • Green lucerne, pasture, millet, meadow, rhodes etc 

TIP - To help reduce the NSC levels you can soak your hay in water for at least 30min and rinse off excess. (the water will go dark in colour and is fantastic for veggies gardens! )

* NSC = non-structural carbohydrates


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