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Questions: "For a horse with ulcers, what product do you reccomend, how much do I use, and for how long? Would it be necessary to feed continually while the horse is in work or only need for treatment for a short period of time."

"The correct dose of slippery elm is 1/3 cup full daily mixed into water and given with feed. Ideally this horse should also have Chamomile tea each day.

A full course of 12 weeks is sufficient to cure ulceration and can be stopped then if the horse is not too stressy or on Bute constantly both of which pose risks for a re-occurrence." 

Question: "I have had this mare on the Gut Repair program for a week now and she is eating it no problems at all....what does the chamomile tea do and do you have it in bulk supplies? I have been thinking it would be sensible to also give her rosehips so it would be possible to combine rosehips and chamomile for one odd tasting tea wouldn't it?"

Answer: The Chamomile tea sooths the gut and intestional tract while the Slippery Elm coats the lining of the stomach and protects and sooths against irritation. Chamomile is also very good for nervous horse's that tend to be gut reactive.

You can mix the Rosehip and Chamomile tea together if you like, or you can make them seperately."

Feedback: "I have been meaning to contact you for a while to let you know of my mare's progress.....your treatments have worked marvellously well!!!! Although you said she didn't need to continue on the slippery elm, I am not taking her off it - the change has been amazing. Not only has there been no sign of ulcers, she has physically and mentally got stronger. As an interesting coincidence, she has also been healthier, no colds or anything, unlike before so I would imagine the ulcers were responsible for lowering her immunity. Now I just put the powder and flowers straight in her feed and she cleans up everything.

Since being on the program, she has performed superbly and out of 6 starts won 3 and placed 2, the unplaced run she got flattened on the last turn. Her last run before a short break resulted in her winning the Soldier's Saddle Final at the Bathurst paceway which is a fairly prestigious race to win.

Thank you very much for your advice (and products!!!!). I have passed the information on to other trainers experiencing ulcer difficulties and the results are consistently excellent."

Shona Stewart

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