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There is a great deal of choice amongst the alternatives, or blood cleansing herbs, and I find myself making up new and different combinations to suit the individual circumstances and medical history of my patients.

The Blood Cleanser - Purification blend is one which addresses the sort of toxicity which is only really partly due to our own medical history, habits and lifestyle. Many folk bring a tendency to blood toxicity problems with them in their genetic history as it were and they may live most of their lives without being affected by what is in effect a time bomb within their own systems.

These people may suffer some sort of crisis in their health or immunity and it is as if all the toxicity which had not previously affected their health suddenly swamps them and produces major problems indeed. Many of those who seem to pick up Hospital Staph infections are like this but it can also happen with other major or health episodes including severe stress.

For this mixture therefore I have chosen alternatives which have a particular affinity for genetically (or inherited) dirty blood which has suddenly begun to affect a person.

This mix includes Garlic, Buchu, Guaiacum, Sarsaparillo, Violet Leaves, Horsetail and Dandelion as well as the Bach Flowers Cerrato, Rock Rose, Honeysuckle and Crab Apple. In a healthy person wishing to purify their blood, this treatment is an excellent one to use in conjunction with fasting.

However, I don't recommend you do this without my supervision as, in some cases a fast while using blood cleansers can open up a Pandora's box which can produce an uncomfortable cleansing process indeed.

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