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Schambergs Disease Herbal Treatment


The other name for this disease is Progressive Pigmented Purpuric Dermatitis.

It is a chronic discoloration of the skin that spreads very slowly mostly affecting the legs but they can also appear on the hands and anywhere and the condition affects males more often.

Schambergs Disease caused by leaky blood vessels which allows red blood cells to slip through in to the skin. The iron from the blood cells deposits rusty coloring in the skin often called 'Cayenne Pepper' spots.

Usually there are no other symptoms except for possibly slight itching.

Sometimes Diabetes patients suffer from this condition.

The bioflavanoid Rutin is very helpful to rehabilitate damaged blood vessels. Household sources of this vitamin are Fresh Lemon Juice, Black Currants and Buckwheat Flour.

My internal herbal support mix to treat Schambergs Disease is a combination of the herbs; Horse Chestnut, Rue, Nettle, Yarrow, Mistletoe and Rosehips, the Bach flowers included are Impatiens, Larch, Sweet Chestnut and Chicory.

Externally if the skin is itchy then applying the irritant cream will bring relief.

Skin Irritant Cream

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